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About Getting Predictable™

Introducing Getting Predictable™

Getting Predictable is our business and our Product Development methodology.

We believe in

  • Setting teams up to deliver successfully
  • And to do so every time

We can do this with our collection of best practices focused on

  • Driving alignment with a clear definition of product success
  • Enabling commitments across accountable teams
  • Creating clear visibility based on agreed-upon-metrics to track progress towards success.

These best practices are delivered in the form of

  • Getting Predictable (Product) Definition which takes a product and defines requirements and clear success criteria, creating alignment across all stakeholders
  • Commitment Based Estimation which helps create a product roadmap and budget that even an agile team can manage to
  • Commitment Based Release Plans and Governance which creates common visibility across all stakeholders on progress, enabling plans to be flexible as needed.

We do this while growing teams and leaders. That’s our passion. That’s our purpose.

Welcome to Getting Predictable™.

bob-zimmermanBob Zimmerman

Bob’s career in custom software development spans more than three decades and has been largely dedicated to the process of leveraging technology to drive innovation and growth. Bob created the Getting Predictable technique for many Fortune 50 companies which have adapted his methods and incorporated his vision of collecting, understanding and discussing best practices which help develop and deliver successful software products.  He continues to extend those best practices to leverage more value for clients and new growth opportunities.

A recognized technology leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, Bob Zimmerman offers a unique blend of team building, and IT solutions to AIM Specialty Health.  He joins AIM’s Information Systems and Technology team as the Vice President, Solution Development.  Building on his vision and reputation, Bob has made considerable impact leading his team to deliver positive company performance.

Prior to joining AIM Specialty Health, Bob reigned as Geneca’s CTO.  He worked as the driving force behind Getting Predictable, the requirements definition and project best practices that are the foundation of Geneca’s mission to make software development predictable.

As found of Getting Predictable, Bob continues to drive the vision to teams of all experience levels. Bob’s uniquely practical, common sense approach to software development enables him to coach and mentor people at all levels. Throughout his career, Bob has shared his passion on software delivery with both executive and software development teams, enabling alignment and success throughout the organizations he touches.

Bob is a sought after speaker as he brings his best practices in a down to earth, storytelling experience. He regularly presents to executives on “The Meaning of Value and Alignment”. He also speaks on Getting Predictable best practices, including “Requirements & Alignment”, “Commitment Based Estimation” and “Creating Visibility through Agreed-Upon-Metrics”.

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